Fraggle Rock

The FRAGGLE ROCK era  . . .

Last night my husband and I were sharing with his daughter some of our childhood memories, and we started talking about TV shows that we loved. He was showing her clips from YouTube, and I started singing the theme song for Fraggle Rock.

Conclusion – She thinks we are both nuts, and very old, and couldn’t understand our enthusiasm . . . ah well, we tried.

But it took me back to that time in my life. . .

I remember being at my grandmothers’ home, sitting in her living room doing my homework and thinking – I need to get through this because this evening is Fraggle Rock!

It was a simpler time with way less distractions.  There was a totally different pace to live and moments lasted longer

For me it was a memory that brought a smile to my face, but it also got me thinking

We are a now in this place of BUSY and TIRED. This place we are always on, always going.

On Friday night we had dinner with a friend and his daughter, and they were planning their Saturday and Sunday which was filled with back to back lessons on every subject conceivable.

I left there with two thoughts . . .

  • How did we get to this stage where we don’t seem to have a moment free? And when we do, the hope is to just get some sleep
  • What lessons can I offer. . .hmm – personal growth for teens. (seriously considering). Let me get in on this lessons culture too!!!

I’m not suggesting that we try to re-create the past lives we had. . . we need to change and adapt with the times.

Yes, things are faster paced, more information, more technology, higher expectations on responsiveness and communication.

My point is, that even though we are in this fast-paced environment, we must create pockets of mindfulness, think time, sanity breaks, quality time, time to process, time to be quiet and just be. For the sake of our minds, bodies, and souls. . .we need to be grounded and to do that we need these moments of just being.

As we take the time now at the end of this year to create that vision for the year ahead, with goals, desires, targets to reach for, let’s also design a life that contains these times that we slow down and take a moment to soak it all in.

What is your vision of the future?

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Rachel Thomas,
Executive Coach and Personal Development Trainer.