I Have A Super Power

Shhh. . .I have a SUPERPOWER!!!!

I want to let you in on a secret, I have this superpower, and here is what it does . . .

  • It gives me financial success
  • It helps guide me to the next right step to take for me
  • It gives me answers to solutions
  • It gives me amazing creativity in all areas – writing, creating content, coaching
  • It helps me to expand my knowledge and focus on areas that make me thrive
  • It tells me who to allow into my life and who to keep some distance from
  • It tells me who to pick up the phone and call. . . and they think it’s magic, cus I’ve just crossed their mind
  • It tells me what to eat that’s best for my body
  • It tells me when to rest and when to work
  • It tells me when to stay quiet and reflect and when to play

The list is endless. . . so I’ll stop here. Do you want to know what it is????


And you have that superpower too!!!

We all have it, but it’s just like a muscle, you have to grow and develop it. Here are 5 steps on how . . .

Quiet the mind – our mind can get in our own way. That constant chatter, analyzing this and that, figuring out the how. This can all stop us from moving forward. If there is decision that you are struggling with, get quiet. Listen to that inner voice, that gut instinct – and go with that.

Practice with the small things first – If you are working on building this muscle, don’t start with a life altering decision, start with the smaller stuff. I’ve found that sitting quietly before I start a day and checking in with intuition followed by setting the intention of what to do or accomplish in a day makes the world of distance. As one coach challenge me with – start an intuition journal. Write down what comes to you – not from the head, from the heart.

Consistency – Just like when you are toning and shaping your body, it takes time and consistency. You can’t go in the gym twice and wonder why you aren’t seeing that definition and that six-pack forming. You have to keep at it day after day.

Keep It Simple – practicing with the small things over time, you will start to notice yourself becoming more intuitive. You will notice when you need to “get our of your head” and “get into your heart”. Even that requires intuition – when do I need to think through something and strategize verse when do I need to check into my heart for some guidance. My rule is usually to check with the heart first, like setting the compass, and then the heart knows what to do.

Learn from the missteps – The thing with intuition is that you might get a prompt, a feeling, an instinct – but you don’t follow it, and you recognize it after the fact. Something happens that you don’t fancy or didn’t go as you had hoped, and the thought pops into your mind – “I had a feeling that I should have done the opposite”. This is how we learn to identify intuition as well, because your realized that you ignored the prompting – so now you know when your intuition is prompting you.

Intuition has had major impacts on my life, career, relationships, decision making, and much more. When I reflect over the years, I can see where following the promptings has let me to where I am now, and I know it will guide the future. I love to use my intuition while coaching clients and watch their lives and mindsets transform.

The greatest news is that we ALL have our own intuition and it can be developed . . . but first, get quiet and listen.

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Rachel Thomas,
Executive Coach and Personal Development Trainer.