Moving You Forward

Executive coaching is not only an area of expertise for me but also a passion. Coaching changed and transformed my life and now I work alongside clients and see their lives transform.

As a coach, I help you develop your self-awareness by asking careful and intentional questions. The key is listening, as I am able to translate what is said or implied into a new way and a new awareness.

We work together on the goals that are set at the beginning of the coaching arrangement and I help move you into an action state to achieve the desired result. Whether it is a new business venture, a change in career, career advancement, a weight loss plan, or the achievement of a qualification we work on a plan to get you to achieve what you desire.

What if you don’t even know what you what, but you know that you just want something different in your life, or you feel stuck and just want to take the next step. All of this is possible through coaching. I have seen it in my life.

I traded in a high powered, high paying job for a life as an entrepreneur where I am living my dream of coaching, facilitating personal development courses, and consulting with businesses to move them to the next level and reach a new growth potential.

I have seen many of my coaching clients achieve success in their lives that they never imagined possible. This requires time and effort on the part of the client, but growth is so profound that it is worth the time, effort and investment.

I look forward to working alongside you to help you reach your full potential!!

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Rachel Thomas,
Executive Coach and Personal Development Trainer.

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