🍝  There are times where we smell a meal cooking and it takes us back to our childhood

🎼 Or we hear a song and a smile just lights up our face and our entire mood can change

🤗Or certain phrase that someone says that reminds you of a loved one.

All of these moments mean so much . . .

🏡 Every time I drive past this house my heart skips a beat, and I’ll tell you why. . .

You see at the end of 2016, so much had happened in my life ->I certified as a coach, I co-hosted an amazing John Maxwell leadership event, and I got married to the most amazing man!!

And I just knew in my heart that 2016 was the start of some amazing things in my life and I wanted to end the year on a different note. . .

With gratitude

With humility

With confidence

With a vision for the future that was so beyond me

After a lengthy discussion with my friend and business partner who was also feeling that something significant was required to end the year, we decided to rent this home for a weekend towards the end of the year to plan, strategize, and vision

There were a lot of moments of reflection, a lot of writing, journaling, many lists and schedules and dates, and a whole lot of prayer and even some tears over those two days.

It took defining the future to a whole new level. . .

And what happened was so amazing. . . 3 years later we are both living what came out of that intense weekend of visioning.

The power of visioning is unlimited.

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Rachel Thomas,
Executive Coach and Personal Development Trainer.