What is Security?

😲 Security, what is this? Is this an illusion?

😀 Is security a job? Paid well, with good benefits and dreading to go into work every morning

😀 Is security the paycheck? Getting those funds once or twice a month and then wondering how they almost evaporated almost immediately.

😀 Is security seeing the funds in your bank account? But then you feel like you are almost giving your souls purpose away each and every day that you are not doing what you REALLY want to do.

πŸ€” I had these questions on my mind. . .

😴 As I tossed and turned trying to decide when I would take that leap from the β€œcorporate security”, into the entrepreneurial abyss.

❌ What will happen?

❌ Will I survive?

❌ Will I fail and fall flat on my face?

❌ Will I have to take a job?

😁 It’s been one year . . .

βœ… It’s been challenging, but every challenge allows me to teach others how to navigate their own journeys

βœ… I have failed, and fallen flat on my face, several times – but I got back up each and every time and keep going.

βœ… I have survived, but beyond that I am thriving and loving that I am living my purpose. I know my WHY each and every morning!

πŸƒβ€β™€ We always want to know exactly how it will all work out, but we never know until we take the first step.

πŸƒβ€β™€ The thing is, when we take the first step towards something that we desire then then next step appears, but we don’t see that next step until we are courageous enough to take the first one.

🀯  And that question of security . . .the answer is yes; it is an illusion!!

❀  What I have learned that security is not from those external sources – job, paycheck, health benefits. Security is an INSIDE JOB. Trust your own internal compass. It leads you to the next step and the next source of abundance.

🌟  What are you holding yourself back from being, doing and having?

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Rachel Thomas,
Executive Coach and Personal Development Trainer.